Saturday, January 18, 2014


~ Social Security Disability Income

On January 13th I received my SSDI decision in the mail.



The next step is to either file a claim with the federal courts or refile (start the process all over again, but with a November 2012 filing date versus a February 2011 start date {original} ). 

Right now I'm thinking that refilling is my best bet, as I was denied benefits again because they did not take into consideration all the problems I was left with after my Oct. 2011 brain surgery.
I have several issues from that surgery alone. Not to mention the 7 previous brain surgeries prior to Oct. 2011. 16 surgeries in all. 8 brain & 8 spine &/or abdominal surgeries. I am seeing several new Dr's now, with God only knows how many NEW Dx's I have. 
When I filed in Feb. 2011 it was everything up to that point. After February, I had several more "FAILED" surgeries and a devastating October 2011 surgery that left me and my family in a very difficult time.

So since October 2011 several things have happened with my health. My new brain shunt is for the most part "stable" it's all the problems due to all the surgeries, medications and psychological issues that left me with what is killing me now. 

{I still suffer from headaches daily, don't get me wrong. Especially when there's a weather front moving in. But it's something that I have learned to deal with as best as I can, even if it means a day in bed just to deal with the pain} 

I just don't want to keep messing around with the settings like my previous Neurosurgeon did and end up with overdrawn ventricles again.

One of the hardest things I've had to over come is losing my family and friends. I've become so isolated, due to my health and the fact that people just don't "believe" what I'm going through is REAL because on the outside I look like a normal person, but it's a war going on inside my body and mind...

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