Monday, May 9, 2011

Lawyer Appt & Follow up with New Neurologist

So Jeff & I went to see a Lawyer on Tuesday 5-3-11 RE: filing an appeal for Social Security Disability Income. I have NEVER met with a lawyer, ever... So needless to say I was scared to death! She asked a lot of question's, and I told her what's been going on since 2003, and who my Dr's were... She agreed to do the case, we agreed to hire her! We were there for a few hours, due to the Appeal paperwork that needed to be filled out. She wanted answers to all the test I had done for the "new neuro Dr" but I didn't have a followup appt with her until the next day to get those results. She said if I have "dizziness" (Ataxia) that I would be golden for SSDI, because neither one of my conditions are SSDI approved... I told her I had a ton of tests done, but don't know the results... Jeff & I had mixed emotions when we left the office. Bitter Sweet. When I had the tests done, I prayed nothing else was wrong with me, now I'm praying there is something else wrong, to help this process go smoothly since IH & Chiari are not approved disabilities... The next day, we meet with my new neuro to get all the test results. Our Lawyer used to work for SSD, that's how she got into helping people "fight" for it. She said that it's a proven fact that people who have "dizziness" CANNOT work... That's why it was Bitter Sweet. I surely don't WANT any more things wrong with me... But it is already broken, I've already lost my job, it's PROVEN by tests that I AM DIZZY!!! Lol... I think we knew that!
The next day, Wednesday 5-4-11 we see Dr De Leo (new neurologist), she meets with me at 8am, before regular patients! I had 100% of her attention, she made "special time" to meet with me!!! Well, as it turns out, I do have some serious Vestibular Disorders! I suffer from Dizziness!!! BONUS! I'm only happy about that because I started to feel like people didn't believe me, that all the times I have to pass on "get together's" parties, special occasions, etc... I now have proof! Lol... I have something serious going on in my right ear, inner ear, she wants to prescribe me a med, but wants me to think about it/research it right now! (I liked that! She didn't shove pills down my throat) I also have issues with my left ear, not as sever as the right side. My MRI, is just a constellation of problems, slit ventricles, Chiari, decompression surgery... I need to have another shunt revision, she really wants me to get a "programmable" shunt, but we already know how that turned out once already, but she seems to think that with "enough" weight loss, that a programmable one will work for me in the future. Dr De Leo is going out to dinner w/ my Neurosurgeon, Dr Munoz, later this month and they are to discuss this! (I like that too!) I also have another issue that I've been fighting with Dr's about for years. I have a Positive ANA... AGAIN!!! It comes & goes, I've been trying to get a Dr to look into it, but they always say it's no big deal, well this time, my # was sky high... It needs looking into now! ANA is Antinuclear Antibody = autoimmune disorder/disease... To go along w/ it, my ESR & C-Reactive proteins are very high, which is also an indicator of autoimmune disease... And to top it all off...I am here today at my Dr because I need to get a follow up chest CT, because the one I had done in Feb. showed a spot on my lung. So on Tuesday May 10th I go for a CT scan with & without Contrast...

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