Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ Surgery June 6, 2011

On June 3rd, I go back up to Rush, I have 3 Dr appointments. Dr Mizen, a Neuro Opthalmologist, Dr Khandelwahl, a Rheumotologist, and Dr Munoz, my Neuro Surgeon.

Dr Mizen and his staff were really amazingly nice people, problem is... my Opthalmologist here in my hometown, Dr Scott Cory runs all the same tests a Neuro Opth does, and has State of the Art Equipment. Dr Mizen, has OLD equipment, wasted trip in my opinion, but my neurologist wanted me to see him for a second/third opinion. The great thing about this visit, is that he said he did not see any need for me to back on Diamox!!!
And if you read my previous post regarding my surgery on May 27th, you'd know that my Neuro Surgeon did NOT change my shunt valve, so buy the time I saw the Neuro Opth, I was losing my visual field. (peripheral vision)

Dr Khandelwahl is a Rheumotologist. I am being tested for Auto Immune Diseases. My blood work has been a little concerning giving my history, my neurologist thought I should see a specialist to look into it.

~ Finally I meet with Dr Munoz to plead my case to him that I need this shunt valve changed from a 1.5 to a 1.0. He met with me on a Friday, he sees patients on Tuesdays, so it was VERY nice of him to meet with me in between surgeries. He was very much against changing my valve number to a lower setting, due to the fact that I might then have a low pressure headache. We talked for about 45 minutes, he only agreed to do the surgery with a backup plan, and that back up plan was to stay in the hospital for 3 days to monitor me for any signs of a low pressure headache. He got his MA, and we scheduled the surgery for Monday!

Monday June 6, 2011 We have to be at Rush @ 5am, surgery is scheduled for 7:15am. Being that it was the last week of school and Tiffany had ETA's, she did not go to Rush with us, and went to school. Jeff & I got there on time, and everything was going as planned, until we both fell asleep upstairs in the holding area, and was awoke by Dr Munoz's physician assistant... She was freaking out because I hadn't gotten my IV yet. Well we both fell back asleep... Then all of a sudden EVERYONE comes rushing to get me, I barely was able to give Jeff a kiss goodbye, and they wheel me off. NOW ~ usually I've got versed running through my IV, and I'm out by now, but I don't even have an IV, and now I'm awake in the operating room, which is like 12 degrees! LOL... I get onto the surgery table, they are working on both my hands to get an IV in, my right hand was poked twice, complete fail, but they get one in my left hand! SOMEBODY dropped the ball on my surgery I guess Dr Munoz was PISSED!!! it was Anesthesia ~ they NEVER came to check me in while I was in the holding area, granted I'm a "frequent flyer" there at Rush, the staff there is VERY familiar with me.

Anyway surgery goes just fine, and as planned with no complications.

Surgery was on Monday morning, and I have to stay in the hospital until Wednesday due to my agreement with Dr Munoz. If I was showing signs of a low pressure headache, I was to have surgery on Wednesday to change the valve back to a 1.5...

Monday was rough, Jeff & I were very tired, and slept most of the morning/afternoon. I was very sore, this is the 4th time this same incision has been opened up including it's initial placement in January 2011.  Jeff left sometime around 2, to beat the traffic, and I slept till around 5 or so.

I had awesome nurses this time! Everyone was wonderful, my neuro surgeon came to check on me before he went home for the day, he NEVER sees me the same day of surgery! He really was worried about changing that valve, I WASN'T... Not when I functioned with my first lumbar shunt as a wide open pediatric valve... 1.0 was a bit off from wide open! So I knew it would be OK!

Tuesday June 7, 2011 I was up waking the halls, I was eating OK, and have Physical & Occupational Therapy that day.
Dr Munoz came in once again before his clinic hours started at 1pm, and he was happy and surprised that I was not having low pressure headaches. It's a joke between him & I now, because when I met with him on Friday he said it's gonna be a I TOLD YOU SO situation! Either he is gonna tell me I told you so that you'd have low pressure, OR I told him so... That I was NOT having low pressure. So we joked about it, and he reminded me that I wasn't out of the woods just yet, and if all looks good he'd let me go home on Wednesday. I have known Dr Munoz since 2005. We have a pretty good relationship ~ we can joke around like that!!!


~ Finally in the car, on my way home! YEAH!! We get about half way home, and I tell Michelle... I DON'T HAVE ANY KEYS!!! LMAO! This is the first surgery Jeff didn't pick me up when I was discharged because of his new job!!! So since I didn't look tooooo horrible, we went to a local cafe, UPTOWN Cafe in Valparaiso, In and had a couple of coffee's until my daughter was home from school! That was so funny!!!

Today is July 2nd and I have been very busy, I go to Neuro Rehab two times a week, and been having some other issues. And have been seeing a handful of Dr's and having all kinds of testing done to see what the hell is going on with me! Sorry for the delay of this post. I know some of you have been waiting for me to post it!!!

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