Friday, January 25, 2013

~Living Again January 2013

Our Lives have been amazingly better over the last year. (My health is a whole different story.) A lot has happened since my last post in February 2012. From January 2012 to August 2012 I was seeing a Therapist/Counselor, that was helping Jeff & I mend our marriage. 
{{Which is going great these days }} 

In August 2012 I had my hearing in front of a judge for SSDI. Again I was denied. Our lawyer withdrew from the case, which was a good thing, we were gonna fire her anyway. She did not do a good job presenting my case, nor my daily struggles/disabilities. Nor did she present my cognitive decline that I now struggle with after 8 brain surgeries. It took us until late September to find a lawyer who will take the case over at this point. But we found a lawyer out of Chicago, Il who has a satellite office in Munster, In. We presented the case to him, and he took my case without hesitation! He has filed the appeal, and we had 30 days to submit any new information. I had a bunch more tests done, some duplicates of past tests to prove NO improvement of the difficulties I have with my two brain diseases, and other aliments.  
Unfortunately, as we all know, it is very difficult to get into a new Dr in 30 days, then to have tests scheduled, performed, results read and interpreted within 30 days. So now I sit waiting for results of tests I had done in December, and in early January. 
Needless to say the 30 days has now past. 
The process now is for another judge to review the case as it was presented at the August 2012 hearing, to see if the judge did in fact make the right decision. That will take another year I'm sure. We will give the lawyer the new test results when I get them to see if he can still submit them. The good thing is that this new lawyer is excellent at these types of situations. And while calling around to find a lawyer to take my case, I was referred to him by several offices!

{{ Nail Biting Situation }}
My long term disability I currently have from my last job, is now up for a 2 year review. Being denied SSDI, they are trying to determine whether or not I will continue to get LTD with my current status. I have not heard from them yet... 

Still seeing the Psychiatrist I have been seeing since last year, I am also seeing a Neuro Psychologist for Neuropsychological testing, and a Psychologist for therapy. The neuropsych testing will be compared to the neuropsych testing I had done before any brain surgeries.  
{{ That ought to be interesting! }} 
Already he is very concerned with my memory issues. (that have not improved yet from October 2011 brain surgery) All tests are done, now we wait on our appointments in February & March for the results. He even did an additional memory test that insurance does not pay for, at no charge to me, he wanted to confirm that I have severe deficits with my memory. My previous Dr did all the tests in one 8 hour day. This new Dr spread it out in 3 visits! The tests are just too grueling for someone who has had 16 surgeries, to do it all in one day.

Tiffany, my almost 18 year old beautiful daughter, graduates high school this year! AND has been accepted into the nursing program at Valparaiso University. A not so easy school to get into, not to mention an almost impossible nursing program to get accepted into! She has nearly been a straight A student for all of high school. Jeff & I, are incredibly proud of her! She is thinking about a Nurse Anesthetists career, but still has her sights on Pre-Med. 
My relationship with Tiffany was very strained in 2011. I am happy to report that we are about 98% of our old {{mean girls}} selves! She is a very distinguished young lady who has made her dad and I so proud... Today we made a purchase for her graduation gift. I cannot say what it is, as she will see this post. But she will be more than elated! And it will be very hard to NOT give it to her early! Something I have a bad habit of doing!

Jeff is doing well in his apprenticeship program with the Boilermaker's. He is more than half way through, and well on his way to making the scale wage he truly deserves! He has been a very talented welder for about 18 years, and I couldn't be prouder of him for making this difficult career change when he did.

{{ Jeff & Tiffany are my whole world, and I don't know where I'd be without them! I Love you guys! }}

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