Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 5 ~ Suffering Silently

Dec. 22, 2010
I underwent another VP Shunt revision. The diagnosis... the tube was clogged, completely clogged! For a while there I thought I was CRAZY!!!   I only stayed the one night in the hospital, thank god, as Christmas was only two days away.  I was recovering nicely at home, this time the incision was VERY painful, I'm guessing because it had only been 6 weeks since the prior surgery.  Everything was good up until Christmas Day.

Christmas Day 2010
That day I was in alot of pain. I managed to get myself together, and we went to visit my parents for a little while, they were not hosting Christmas Dinner this year, my mom is in her late 60's &  my dad in his early 70's. They just were not up to hosting, and with me just having surgery, I couldn't either, and none of my brothers offered to have Christmas at their house, so we didn't have a "Family Christmas" with my family.  After a nice visit we go to Jeff's parents house. We were there from about 12-4pm.  I was dying inside (Suffering Silently), my head was killing me. Just thought it was from all the excitement of the day, and it was the first time I was out of the house since surgery, and I wasn't supposed to be... Came home, put pj's on, and went straight to bed. Didn't get up until 9pm or so. Sat with Jeff for a while, then went right back to bed.  The next day, low and behold that damn swooshing was back!  I was beside myself!!

Determined for Jeff & Tiffany to have a good week, I acted as if nothing was wrong! (Suffering Silently) These last couple of months had been very stressful for all of us, and we had big plans for New Years Eve.  Spending it with friends, staying the night, having a great time, laughing, playing games, and having a big breakfast in the morning!  And we did just that! The three of us had a really good week! Tiffany was off school, Jeff was home from work alot due to the holidays, and of course, I was home, but Suffering Silently.

Jan. 4, 2011
I have a Post-op appointment with the Neurosurgeon.  As we were getting ready to leave, I tell Jeff, that there is something I need to tell you before we leave. I tell him that I've had swooshing since the 26th... Jeff was more than supportive, caring, and understanding (he did understand WHY I didn't tel him, but wasn't happy about it). 
We head out to Chicago, once again. I was crying my eyes out, didn't know how my Dr was gonna respond when I tell him that my symptoms are back, a mere 4 days post operative. I just think that one of these times, he IS gonna tell me that I am crazy!  Luckily, it took a while before he came into the room. I was done crying, but I was a mess inside. As soon as he opened the door, he said he knew something was wrong with me. My eyes/face have  way of telling my symptoms ~ and not  because I was crying. When my intracranial pressure is elevated, my eyes have a red, glossy look to them.  I have been very accurate with my symptoms in the past... Every time I have said that something was wrong, it was confirmed! So he trusts my judgement, doesn't put me thru the Spinal Taps anymore, thank god!! Dr Munoz says, "Lets wait a week, and you call me if the symptoms don't subside.  What we will do then is an exploratory surgery with cameras and other High Tech stuff, to try and determine why you've been in remission for 4 years, and now, all of a sudden, your not!"  And a second surgery, to add an additional VP Shunt to help drain the fluid... "Dual Exhaust" he called it!! Trying to make me laugh! I did a little... because of his accent!...  

Jan. 7, 2011
I see my family Dr, he does all my pre-op tests, history and physical (again).  He also orders me some additional meds to help me with my (Suffering Silently ) depression, anxiety, & insomnia... Hopefully it helps! I have started this bout of Insomnia in November after my first surgery.

Jan 10, 2011
, I leave a detailed message with his Nurse Practitioner that my symptoms have not subsided, and to let Dr know he needs to get me on the surgery schedule.  Surgery is scheduled for Monday, Jan17th... And while I'm staying at a friends house for a couple of days, Jeff fills in Tiffany on the situation, because she knows none of this.  I was trying to avoid "finals" week for her, but some dates got mixed up, and that didn't work out as planned.  ALOT of things didn't work out as PLANNED. ~  I suffer silently. Who says misery loves company...

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