Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 2 ~ 2005 thru 2008

Much of 2005 went by without too much trouble, in October that year I went back to work. I worked for a dentist until the end of March 2006, then found a higher paying job with IncreMedical (Lakeshore Bone & Joint PT Office) I started working there April 3, 2006.

June 2006 my shunt quit working... OMG!!! I panicked, called Dr Gropper's office to try and get a referral.  His office (back then) was called CINN Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery & Neuroresearch.  They referred me to an amazing surgeon @ Rush in Chicago. Dr. Lorenzo Munoz. He was also part of CINN (back then, now his office is called University Neurosurgery). He said those LP Shunts were crap and that I need a VP Shunt (Ventricular Peritoneal [brain] Shunt) I was scared, but was finally back in the workplace, and wanted to continue working since I couldn't get Disability...

So first we did a Intracranial Monitor test where I had to get a hole drilled into my skull, and a monitor placed inside, it was not very comfortable, I had to be monitored for 3 or 4 days in the Neuro ICU @ Rush. They measured the intracranial pressure with all of my activities.  It was positive that my LP Shunt was NOT working.

June 2006, I underwent VP Shunt surgery. The shunt is in my right frontal lobe of my brain, and a tube runs behind my right ear, down my chest, and into my abdomen, where they anchored it.  Dr. Munoz [who looks like George Clooney] did an amazing job! I felt wonderful after about a week or so (I don't really remember recovering from that surgery) I just know that I wasn't off work very long.

December 2006, I had to have a revision on it, I think the shunt tubing was clogged if I remember right. It was just an overnight stay @ Rush, and recovery was only a couple weeks, as they only open my head, not my abdomen. They only shave about a 2" x 2" area. I have alot of hair, so it's easy to hide! 

I still suffered from Headaches, Migraines, Changes in the Barometric Pressure REALLY mess with my head.  If any storm is coming thru, I feel as if someone is squeezing my skull, besides the headache that comes with it! But I had a great job, and a great boss, who was very understanding.  I didn't need much time off, and rarely called off, and continued to work a 40hr week. Then 2009 came...

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